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We understand that no two dental offices have the same needs. For that reason, we do not offer cookie-cutter features. Our pricing is customizable and based on a unique combination of services that our clients request.

Why we do what we do

Dentists at all stages of their career are managing and juggling a variety of challenges, all while striving to be the best clinical dentists they can be. With autonomy and financial independence often being the motivator(s) for their career choice, we know that many dentists are disillusioned, frustrated, and for many, struggling to make ends meet.

With the exceptional leadership skills of our entire team we can quickly diagnose, treatment plan, and put into action the protocols that allow the business of dentistry to operate more efficiently. Practice Strategies is able to quickly improve the financial position of an office, strengthen job satisfaction, and help dentists achieve their ideal quality of life.

- Kim Mack

Managing Director

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Kim Mack

Managing Director

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Supreme Commander

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